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Need a window cleaner in St Helens?, Kleenaway cleaning has been established since 2009 and is a family-run exterior cleaning business based out of St Helens, Liverpool.

We offer a range of window cleaning services although commercial window cleaning and domestic window cleaning are our main focus. Having a large following and a excellent reputation in the local area of St Helens has befitted us massively. We have gained the trust and respect of many commercial window cleaning and domestic window cleaning customers by providing a reliable and predictable schedule, charging competitive rates as well as offering a window cleaning service second to none.

Although window cleaning for residential and commercial buildings is seen as a very menial task, there is a lot of skill needed to carry it out thoroughly and in a timely manner. We take pride in employing trustworthy operators, all of which are trained to the highest standards in water-fed pole cleaning, as traditional window cleaners and health and safety.

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Licensed Operators

The Kleenaway team in Warrington are trained and certified to leading industry standards.

Local Business

Kleenaway is a local family run business with an excellent reputation

Professional Equipment

The team use industrial grade professional equipment capable of achieving outstanding results

Window Cleaning Services

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Domestic Window Cleaning Service

Domestic window cleaning was the starting force behind Kleenaway Cleaning and the domestic cleaning services is still the backbone of the business to this day. When the business was formed back in 2009, all of the work was carried out off ladders with a “pad and blade” but quickly progressed to bigger and better things by embracing advancements in cleaning technology to provide the client with a better service.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial window cleaning is one of the most important aspects of cleaning for any commercial property and is something we specialise in at Kleenaway cleaning. We have a range of methods that we can use to give a streak free clean to your windows depending firstly, on health and safety, while ensuring cleaning of a high standard and that is cost effective to fit into your budget. We aim to “fit in” to your business, this means cleaning at a time that suits you, to cause minimum disruption to customers and your working day.

Abseil Window Cleaning Service

We know that large abseil window cleaning projects can interfere with the day to day running of businesses, as well as interfering with the daily activities of people who work and live in large buildings. For this reason, we offer appointments in St Helens outside of working hours and have flexible arrangements to suit the needs of businesses and residents for each building. We aim to complete the whole building, including all windows and glass doors, in one visit. However, we are willing to work with you and make additional visits, or spread the abseil window cleaning over a few days, should it be necessary to work around your business or resident’s needs.

Window Frame Restoration

Powder-coated aluminium frames need specialist treatment to be restored and cleaned without causing damage to the coating. It is a common misconception that powder-coated aluminium window frames are unrecoverable once dirt has built up and caused discolouration to the frame and window sills – the truth is, replacing your properties’ windows is both time-consuming and expensive – as well as being completely unnecessary, thanks to Kleenaway’s specialist powder-coated aluminium window frame restoration services.

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