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Block Paving Cleaning

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Block paving cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool.

If you need block paving cleaning, then we are the company for you. We carry out work all over the country from pressure washing at large industrial properties to driveway cleaning small domestic properties. Although block paving is a very pleasing to look at, durable and rather inexpensive compared to other surfaces, it does need annual maintenance such as block paving cleaning.

The machines we use for block paving cleaning.

The van mounted diesel machines we use are some of the best on the market, creating over 4000psi if needed. We carry our own water in large van mounted tanks so if you have no access to a water supply then we can still do the job. If the job is large and we do not have enough water then we have a contract with the water board to use designated water hydrants in the street to fill our tanks. We use flat surface cleaners to minimize water spray which means that disruption to pedestrian traffic is also kept to a minimum.

Why its dirty and what can be done about it

In high traffic pedestrian areas the surface can become dirty due to the large amount of foot fall, through things like chewing gum being left and walked into the surface or just general dirt. On the other end of the scale are large parking areas that are rarely used. Which can in turn let weeds start to grow, loosens the sand that holds the block in place and moss starts to form on the surface. This is an endless circle of trouble that the use of some chemicals and block paving cleaning can stop.

Apart from the problems above their is other problems such as staining with things like petrol/diesel, oil and paint spillages. We have a large range of chemicals and methods to get rid of these unsightly problems. Depending on the age of the staining and the chemical that has caused the stain sometimes it is uneconomical to try and clean the area. In which case we can recommend and carry out block paving replacement. We will always tell you the best solution for your problem. If you would like more information on how to keep your driveway clean then read Keep that Concrete Clean by Handy Man Matters.

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