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Render Cleaning


Green render that was cleaned

Green render before and after



Need render cleaning Liverpool or St Helens?

Render cleaning is a cost effective way of improving the look of render without the cost and hassle of repainting. Over the years the building industry has moved away from traditional cement/ lime renders and is now moving over to silicone based renders. The reason for this move is due to the ease of application and the fact that the render already has the colour built into the mix, so in theory the render will never need painting. Although this is not always the case.

Why is render cleaning now more common?

With Silicone based render becoming more common throughout the UK, render cleaning is following suit. These types of render are often quite “open” and pitted. This type of render lends its self to having “organic” growth like algae and moss in the surface. Secondly, the surface could need cleaning due to “atmospheric” dirt which is usually caused by either pedestrians in town centers or living by busy main roads. Quite often this leads to the building owner/manager believing that the only remedy for this is to have the surface repainted, this is wrong. Kleenaway have, over the years, perfected our equipment and skills so we can professionally clean any type of surface to cause minimal damage and disruption to the surface and the surrounding area.Render cleaning LiverpoolRender cleaning Liverpool

What we do and why we do it.

A common misconception with render cleaning is that pressure washing with high pressured water is the only or best way. No matter how careful or precise the machine or operators, the surface will be damaged. This is why we have several ways of render cleaning including purpose built low pressure machines, soft washing the surface with extendable brushes and even applying the chemical on with a paint brush depending how how stable the surface is that you need cleaning.

Has your render turned green?

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