Window Frame Restoration

Powder-coated aluminium frames need specialist treatment to be restored and cleaned without causing damage to the coating. It is a common misconception that powder-coated aluminium window frames are unrecoverable once dirt has built up and caused discolouration – the truth is, replacing your properties’ windows is both time-consuming and expensive – as well as being completely unnecessary, thanks to Kleenaway’s specialist powder-coated aluminium window frame restoration services.

Faded Powder Coated Window Frames

Powder-coated frames tend to start as brightly coloured, shiny and appealing additions to a property, but after a while, they can become dulled as a result of UV rays, water used during regular window cleaning and harsh chemicals which are unsuitable for the powder coating.

Powder-coated window frames also become stained and discoloured from natural dirt, pollution and general wear and tear. Kleenaway’s powder-coated aluminium window frame restoration service utilises a series of processes and products to gently remove the build-up of dust, dirt and stains and restores the frames to their previous, clean state.

Following the intensive cleaning and window frame restoration, we apply hydrophobic products to the aluminium frames, which provides a water-resistant coating and prevents further water, sun and chemical damage and dirt from building up on the frame. This means that future top-up sessions will be quicker, cheaper and less intensive than the first visit to your property and will mean that your powder-coated aluminium window frames will stay clean and glossy for longer between visits.

About this Process

Initially, we will carry out intensive window frame restoration on your powder-coated aluminium window frames – with extra attention being paid to the worst-affected or damaged areas. Our team will carry out a series of processes in order to restore the window frames without causing further damage, including the use of gentle cleaning materials and non-abrasive chemicals. We end the process with a layer of water and UV resistant protective coating.

Following the initial intensive cleaning and restoration visit, it is advised that property owners continue to arrange ‘top-up’ appointments, which not only keep the frames clean and presentable, but also include the reapplication of hydrophobic coating to maintain the protective properties keeping your frames from becoming damaged. After we have carried out window frame restoration at your property, we carry out  commercial window cleaning on all of your windows to achieve a perfect finsh

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Frequently Asked Questions & More

As a leading gutter cleaning company in Warrington, we get many questions regarding our services. We have answered a few to help you out.

Which ares do you cover?

Kleenaway Cleaning is based in close proximity to Junction 7 of the M62. The majority of our work is carried out in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding localities. However, we often travel across the UK. If you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are certain we will be able to help you.

Do you cover residential works?

Yes, all of our services are open to the public. A large part of our business remains to be residential work. We are more than happy to give you a no obligation quote for any of the services we provide.

Is Kleenaway Cleaning licensed to carry out industrial work?

Kleenaway Cleaning is fully licensed to work on commercial and industrial sites. Our team have undergone extensive training to ensure they meet the site standards that our commercial and industrial clients require.

Accreditations include CSCS, iPAF, WJA and SPA Passport. The team are constantly adapting to changing requirements throughout the sector, if you would like more information on our compliance please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why choose Kleenaway?

Quality is our priority. We are committed to continually growing the business, this means that we must ensure that our reputation is nothing less than excellent. We always aim to achieve the best results possible and we take great pride in our ability to surprise our client.

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