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Domestic Window Cleaning

Domestic window cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool.

Domestic window cleaning was the starting force behind Kleenaway Cleaning and is still the backbone of the business to this day. When the business was formed back in 2009, all of the work was carried out off ladders with a “pad and blade” but quickly progressed to bigger and better things by embracing advancements in cleaning technology to provide the client with a better product.

Why our clients choose Kleenaway

There are many reasons why our clients choose Kleenaway for their professional cleaning needs, listed below are some of the reasons

  • Level of cleaning – We clean all window frames, glass, sills and doors every time.
  • Reliability – You can set your watch by us.
  • Insurance – We are fully insured for any accident and all surfaces worked on.
  • Smart appearance – Fully uniformed staff.
  • Payment – we accept many forms of payment such as cash, cheque, standing order, bank transfer and PayPal payments.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction – If you are not happy with the clean, we will re clean free of charge, if your still not happy then its free.


Our methods for domestic window cleaning

Since our change over to a water fed pole system, we have converted 99% of our domestic window cleaning work to this method. The main reason behind this is due to health and safety which is extremely important for commercial window cleaning, it is simply not safe climbing up and down ladders all day everyday, eventually an accident will happen. Apart from the main worry of health and safety their were other reason such as the level of cleaning that a water fed pole system can achieve that is not realistically achievable using traditional methods, because we clean the whole of the window every time. Speed was also a factor taken into account when switching over to using a water fed pole system, we can get through work quicker and easier which in turn means we can keep our prices competitive.

Free quotation

If you would like a free no obligation quote for domestic window cleaning in St Helens Liverpool then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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