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Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaning Liverpool and St Helens


A yorkstone driveway that had turned Green and very slippery in St Helens

Driveway cleaning is a way of making an impression and as the saying goes “first impressions are the most important”, so why not make it a good one by having your driveway cleaned and restored to new by us. All staff are fully trained, uniformed and insured to carry out work to the

highest standards. Our number one aim is to provide a cleaning service second to none at a price that is hard to match by our competition.

Why is having a clean driveway necessary

Driveway cleaning is something that every driveway will need at one time or another, whether it be it be for safety as it is slippery, weed growth or that you are selling your house and want your house looking

at it best. Driveway cleaning is a good investment for any property, short term it improves the look and curb appeal of your property and long term it will maintain the usability and longevity of the driveway for years to come.

Indian sandstone driveway cleaning Rainford

Indian sandstone driveway after it had been cleaned

Indian sandstone driveway beofre it had been cleaned in Rainford

Indian sandstone driveway cleaning Rainford

Driveway cleaning, no matter the surface

Here at kleenaway cleaning we can carry out driveway cleaning on any surface in any situation to meet your needs. Different surfaces need different cleaning techniques, equipment and approaches to achieve the best results. With large flat surface cleaners, we can clean large amounts of paving in a short time while also keeping disturbance to a minimum due to the design of the equipment. Our high pressure washing equipment also includes a piece of equipment called a turbo nozzle, with this piece of equipment we can harness the full cleaning capability of the machines down to a small rotating pin head that focuses the pressure down to a small area if needed. Along with mechanical cleaning we can also chemically clean your drive if needs be with chemicals that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

How much does driveway cleaning cost In St Helens, Liverpool?

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Driveway cleaning review

Jon Dilion

I had kleenaway out to my house to clean my large area of Indian stone in my garden as well as my driveway, was by far the most competitive price I got but there was no compromise on service as they did an excellent job. I would highly recommend