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All aspects of residential, commercial & industrial pressure washing undertaken, the Kleenaway Team are highly experienced in the treatment required for every type of exterior surface, combined with our industrial grade equipment we can tackle any project with ease

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The Kleenaway team in Warrington are trained and certified to leading industry standards.

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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning can really improve the look of your home or building, whether it be concrete tiles, slate or clay tiles. Kleenaway have the best solution for your cleaning needs. Roof cleaning can be carried out in a number of ways, the most common of which is using high powered water. Pressure washing to blast off the surface dirt to uncover a nice clean tiles. Although you do achieve instant results, if not done correctly by a professional. Done incorrectly can cause serious damage to the structure, tiles, felt and loft space underneath can also incur. This is because most types of roof are not designed to take the force and volume of water a pressure washer outputs.

Block Paving Cleaning

If you need block paving cleaning, then we are the company for you. We carry out work all over the country from pressure washing at large industrial properties to driveway cleaning small domestic properties. Although block paving is a very pleasing to look at, durable and rather inexpensive compared to other surfaces, it does need annual maintenance such as block paving cleaning.

Chemical & Acid Brickwork Cleaning

At the end of a new house or property building project, the external walls can appear dirty or tarnished due to the leftover concrete from laying the bricks – this can be very tough to get off and many building teams simply do not have the time allocated to remove it thoroughly. Kleenaway use a pressure washing process, which combined with acid cleaning brickwork, allows the concrete residue to cleanly and neatly be removed from the exterior of the building. This allows building crews to leave the site looking as fantastic as the hard work they have put into it is.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum has been one of the biggest problems for property and business owners who want to keep their paths, grounds and car parking areas clean and presentable. Kleenaway offer a reliable chewing gum removal service across Liverpool for both residential and business properties of all sizes and requirements.

Some of the most-affected businesses are schools, pubs and businesses with large open grounds in busy shopping areas, in these areas, chewing gum build-up is not only unsightly, unhygienic and off-putting to passers-by. It can also cause environmental problems and even lower the value of the property and business overall. This is where chewing gum removal can have the biggest effect

Render Cleaning

Render cleaning is a cost effective way of improving the look of render without the cost and hassle of repainting. Over the years the building industry has moved away from traditional cement/ lime renders and is now moving over to silicone based renders. The reason for this move is due to the ease of application and the fact that the render already has the colour built into the mix, so in theory the render will never need painting. Although this is not always the case.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning

Pattern imprinted concrete has gained popularity over recent years, many people are wrong in thinking this is a modern way to resurface an area but the truth is it has been on the market for around 20 years. Over recent years pattern imprinted concrete (or PIC as its known in the trade) has become a more common sight throughout the UK. This is due to the improvement in concrete, sealant and methods of laying this surface. Even though the surface is relatively low maintenance and is not affected with common problems like weeds, you still need pattern imprinted concrete cleaning and resealing to maintain the surface.

Soft Pour Playground Cleaning

With wet pour playgrounds becoming more common through the UK we are being called on more often to carry out soft play playground cleaning. These surfaces are prone to becoming slippery and dangerous, which in turn can cause accidents and injuries. With soft play playgrounds being fitted within schools, parks and council run areas we are being asked to clean the black, slippery surfaces more often.

Decking Cleaning

Decking cleaning is a task that has immediate job satisfaction and can be very rewarding. Decking cleaning is something we at Kleenaway Cleaning can do professionally for you. Decking can become dulled, discolored and green over time, has yours since it has been laid? Why let it get to this stage when we can look after you investment and let you enjoy it. We can carry out part cleaning to full restorations on any size decking.

When decking is first laid it looks great, but what a lot of people don’t realise is that is must me cleaned, maintained and oil/stained at regular intervals which can increase the life and look of and decking. The English weather is not the best climate for decking due to the high amount of rainfall and low amount of sun. Usually this results in the decking becoming green and slippery over time which limits its use, which then in turn causes the decking to get more slippery and green due to the surface not being agitated or used.

Car Park Cleaning

Public and private car parks can see dirt build up very quickly, depending on the number of vehicles using the car park each day. Car park cleaning is needed because over time, the concrete and surfaces can see a build-up of chewing gum, food and general dirt, alongside vehicle-related stains, such as oil, petrol or tyre residue.

Due to the high volume of vehicles using a car park, the dirt build-up can be very quick and it is recommended that car park owners schedule a regular cleaning service, to maintain the appearance of the property, as well as easing any permanent staining or discolouration.

School Cleaning

Playgrounds, sports areas and walkways in school grounds are subject to a lot of abuse – chewing gum, food and general dirt build up over time and affect the overall appearance of the grounds and buildings. With school pressure washing, we aim to remove the dirt and gradual build-up to maintain the cleanliness of school grounds, walkways and play areas.

We know that security is at the forefront of any school’s priorities and we issue all of our team members with uniforms and identification to ensure that they are able to be distinguished easily and admitted to the site. We also ensure that our team hold current DBS certificates.


Mobile Fleet Maintenance Cleaning

Any business with a large fleet of vans, lorries and cars will know just how inconvenient the maintenance and cleaning of the fleet can be – it is time consuming and steals valuable working time away from other activities, such as business administration and closing sales. Kleenaway offer a mobile fleet washing service to cover all sizes of van, car or lorry fleets.

We carry out our services on-site, which means that, once your drivers have parked up and gone home for the day, we can get to work to make sure that they arrive to find shiny, presentable vehicles ready for the following week’s work. We can also carry out work over the weekends and at night to suit your needs.

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