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Decking Cleaning

Decking cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool.

Decking cleaning is a task that has immediate job satisfaction and can be very rewarding. Decking cleaning is something we at kleenaway cleaning can do professionally for you. Decking can become dulled, discolored and green over time, has yours since it has been laid? Why let it get to this stage when we can look after you investment and let you enjoy it. We can carry out part cleaning to full restorations on any size decking.

When decking is first laid it looks great, but what a lot of people don’t realise is that is must me cleaned, maintained and oil/stained at regular intervals which can increase the life and look of and decking. The English weather is not the best climate for decking due to the high amount of rainfall and low amount of sun. Usually this results in the decking becoming green and slippery over time which limits its use, which then in turn causes the decking to get more slippery and green due to the surface not being agitated or used.

Decking cleaning – Bringing your decking back to life.

Decking can have a range of different types of soiling but the most common is green, slippery algae. Decking cleaning can be carried out a range of ways to suit the surroundings and customers needs. Wrongly, a lot of companies try using high pressured machines to cut through the surface dirt which damages to wood underneath. This can be repaired but can be time consuming and costly. Why not get it done correctly the first time by us. For more information surrounding the dangers of pressure washing decking read: Using A Pressure Washer To Clean A Deck by

We use low pressure pressure washing and environmentally friendly chemicals to improve the look and clean the surface. We can also use techniques with this to sand and brighten the wood to get it back to its original look. Once the bright finish is back we can oil or stain the decking to increase the life and look of the decking to suit your needs and taste.

Need your decking cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool?

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