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Chewing Gum Removal

Problems with chewing gum?

Chewing gum has been one of the biggest problems for property and business owners who want to keep their paths, grounds and car parking areas clean and presentable. Kleenaway offer a reliable chewing gum removal service across Liverpool for both residential and business properties of all sizes and requirements.

Some of the most-affected businesses are schools, pubs and businesses with large open grounds in busy shopping areas, in these areas, chewing gum build-up is not only unsightly, unhygienic and off-putting to passers-by. It can also cause environmental problems and even lower the value of the property and business overall. This is where chewing gum removal can have the biggest effect


How We Work

Chewing gum removal across Liverpool can require different types of cleaning – most often, high pressure cleaning equipment is used to remove stubborn chewing gum from hard surfaces, but we also have access to lighter cleaning devices for areas which see a high footfall, so that passers-by can continue with their activities without any risk to their health or safety.

We have seen cases where chewing gum has been an issue in internal walkways. We have services available to remove chewing gum from communal areas of multiple occupancy dwellings, apartment blocks and businesses which are both environmentally friendly and do not present health and safety issues to staff, residents and visitors to the building.

We have flexible, reliable appointments available for hours which are outside of business opening hours to reduce the disruption caused by the chewing gum removal process and to ensure the smooth running of schools, homes and businesses across Liverpool.

We offer a range of solutions for problematic chewing gum build-up. From an intensive cleaning session to remove years of neglect, to regularly scheduled appointments to keep on top of an ongoing problem. Contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange a free, no obligation quotation for your home or business property.


Why Choose Kleenaway Cleaning?

Appointments to suit you – Our chewing gum removal services are available to be booked at times to suit you, your family or your business hours. With appointments available outside of normal business hours, we work to ensure that your property is kept in top condition, without affecting your day-to-day activities and profits.

Presentable staff – Our chewing gum removal team are kitted out in company-issued uniforms to make sure that they are easily identifiable, as well as carrying company identification to put any worries at rest. We do everything in our power to ensure that you, your family and your business are secure, safe and comfortable at all times. As standard, we have extensive insurance coverage against all accidents, incidents and surface types. So, there’s nothing at risk at all by hiring Kleenaway for your chewing gum removal needs.

Range of payment options –  We accept cheques, bank transfers, cash, PayPal and standing orders. This is due to our client base including people from all background, walks of life and lifestyle – we want our customers to feel comfortable and able to continue to make payments in a way to suit them. If you don’t see your preferred payment method on this list, please contact us as we continually look for ways to improve and may be able to make arrangements with you which will also benefit future customers.

Attention to detail – At Kleenaway we pride ourselves on the end results of our work. We always leave properties looking their best and pay special attention to the more neglected areas to make sure that no part of the property lets down the overall appearance. We know that a properties’ external cleanliness can affect business, property prices and overall area reputation, so we work hard to keep your home or business looking great!

Guaranteed Satisfaction –  We work hard to leave every property looking clean, fresh and appealing. But, in the rare instance where customers are not 100% happy with the outcome of our work, we offer to do the work again for free to fix any mistakes or improve on the results. Following this, if customers are still not happy with our work, we issue a full refund and our sincerest apologies. So, if you’re not happy, it’s free – there’s nothing to lose by choosing Kleenaway!


Book Your Free Chewing Gum Removal Quotation

Our free quotations are offered on a no-obligation basis and include a pricing quote, evaluation of the property and advice on the services required for the best results. Contact us today to start your journey towards a chewing-gum free property!

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