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Roof Cleaning & Moss removal

Roof cleaning Liverpool & Moss removal Liverpool

Here is our comprehensive and in depth guide to roof cleaning, moss removal and roof coating. We have tried to cover as many details as possible with out giving always too many of our trade secrets that separate us from our competitors, while also helping customer and the general public.

Roof cleaning can really improve the look of your home or building, whether it be concrete tiles, slate or clay tiles. Kleenaway have the best solution for your cleaning needs. Roof cleaning can be carried out in a number of ways, the most common of which is using high powered water. Pressure washing to blast off the surface dirt to uncover a nice clean tiles. Although you do achieve instant results, if not done correctly by a professional. Done incorrectly can cause serious damage to the structure, tiles, felt and loft space underneath can also incur. This is because most types of roof are not designed to take the force and volume of water a pressure washer outputs.

Roof cleaning image before it was cleaned by Kleenaway Cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool

After roof cleaning Liverpool

Roof cleaning image after it was cleaned by Kleenaway Cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool

Before roof cleaning Liverpool

Roof cleaning image during which Kleenaway Cleaning was cleaning the roof in St Helens, Liverpool

During roof cleaning Liverpool


When damage is caused to a property while having the roof cleaned, a large percentage of the time this is due to bad technique from the operative, forcing water underneath the tiles from the wrong angle. Marley Eternit is one of the largest roofing tile producers in the UK and has been in business of over 100 years has been does not recommend pressure washing roof tiles. This is to be expected though as breaking down the surface of the tile, even be it on a microscopic level would not be good for the tile or the manufacturer, though sometimes it is needed to detached the bond between the moss and the tile/slate.

Although pressure washing roof’s is not advised by the tile makers, sometimes it is needed. The reason for this is due to different limiting factors such as a large amount of moss on a roof, access problems, the roof being unsafe for an operator to walk on even with fall arrest equipment.

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Moss removal Liverpool with Soft Washing

Soft washing is an alternative to pressure washing a roof. The process we can use for roof cleaning is a lot more gentle and kind to the surface. A scaffolding tower is erected to the height of the roof line then from that. Cat ladders are also used to walk up and down the roof safely. A range of different fall restraint equipment to secure any operative to the roof make sure there is no risk of injury. Once all safety equipment is in place we carefully scrape any moss or dirt by hand to cause minimal damage and disruption. At this point we report any damage or problems to the home owner and a qualified roofer is recommended to rectify and problems. After the roof is has been fully scraped, we treat the roof with an environmentally friendly solution that kills all algae and lichen growths for years to come. A clean roof can really improve the look of a building for minimal cost.

Roof cleaning prices

Roof cleaning prices vary widely throughout the UK, depending on the area you live in;

  • The company doing it
  • The size of your property
  • The type of tile/slate
  • The amount of moss on the roof
  • The method that the company decides to use to clean your roof.
  • The access to the roof

A website that describes this well is house hold quotes, they talk about many different factors that can affect the price. We are extremely transparent with our prices but due to the many varying factor we wouldn’t be able to list them. If you would like a price for moss removal the please click the button below and get a free quote, alternatively you can contact us on 01744 608560.

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About our roof cleaning techniques and how we do it

Even though we are a relatively small cleaning company, we extremely proficient in many aspects of exterior cleaning, roof cleaning being one of our core specialised services.

For this reason, other lager cleaning companies have seen this and we are now their approved cleaning contractor for any roof cleaning jobs they receive. This means that we travel throughout he UK carrying out roof cleaning on behalf of many cleaning companies, albeit at an inflated cost to the customer due to having a middle man getting us in to do the job. Why not contact us directly and pay directly for the service, in turn saving you money?

The reason other companies use us to carry out their roof cleaning for them is down to how proficient we are at this. We can utilise many different methods to clean your roof, all in a safe manner. Before we start any cleaning we carry out a visual inspection from the ground, if we see any potential problems then we use a drone to carry an inspection of the roof and show any findings to the customer and these are noted. If we deem the roof fit to have the cleaning carried out and the customer also agrees, then we will start the cleaning process. As we have said previously, we use many different methods to carry out roof cleaning, some of them are as follows.

A common method of access to asses the roof is a simple ladder, this gains us access to the gutter line to carry out a secondary inspection the roof so we can plan what is the best way to carry out the cleaning in a safe manner. If we are looking for  more permanent structure to have in place around the gutter line then we also have access to scaffold towers, this is so we can carry out any tasks as safely as possible. Once we have the access to the gutter line in place then we look at safely gaining access to the roof, this is normally carried out with the use of cat ladders, sometimes multiple cat ladders can be used on the same job to speed up the cleaning process. Along side the access methods already mentioned, we use rope access equipment also to gain access to areas of the roof that other roof cleaning companies simply wouldn’t be able to reach. As well as it helping us gain access it is also there as another layer of safety for ourselves. We use multiple ropes with body harnesses as fall arrest in case of a slip or fall from the roof, these ropes are tied off to different points around at the ground level such as large trees and purpose made counter weight systems.

If we deem the roof unfit for any of our operators to walk on the then a we can employ another tactic of cleaning the roof from a scaffold tower positioned at the side of the property. With this we use extendable high pressure poles that can reach distances of around 10 meters. This gives us a large cleaning circle which means in 95% of cases that we never need to set foot on the roof which in turn maintains the structural integrity of it.

If none of these options are suitable for your roof then we can also use MEWPS (mobile elevated work platforms) such as scissor lifts or cherry pickers, which all of our employees are fully trained and qualified to do. This means that we can gain access to the roof from a distance of over 20 meters without having access from the side of the building. We can also hire narrow tacked machines which can fit through a normal width gate, these are ideal for areas are a real pain for access. They have a narrow body with legs that fold down, so can be suitable for soft ground such as grass that a normal machine would easily sink into.

We have never been beaten by a roof cleaning job yet!

Types of roof

Over the years construction materials have changes greatly, we will try to list some of the materials below. Sadly, each materials has its pros and cons which we will try to list;

  • Thatched – Can be extremely flammable
  • Slate – Can be brittle and hard to repair due to traditional fixings
  • Clay tile – Also brittle and stains easily
  • Concrete tile – Heavy, which may mean having to modify the roofing structure if changing from a traditional slate roof. The concrete is also relatively porus compared to slate and clay. Which mean that it is a better environment for the moss to grow
  • Sheet metal – Has little insulating properties and if not fixed down properly is more susceptible to damage from high winds due to the large surface area and relatively low weight

There are more but these are some of the more common ones in the UK. The most common being the concrete tiles at a rate of over 10 / 1, these tiles are also the most susceptible to moss growth, especially if in shaded areas such as at the side of a larger building that shades the roof, a north facing roof that doesn’t get as much sun which means it stays damper for longer and finally things such as under trees that block the sun and leafs fall onto the roof.

Top reason for having a roof cleaned

Another major reason that we find customers wanting/needing the roof pressure washing is the need for instant results. This can be for many reason but some of the more common reason are

  • The house is up for sale and they want it to look it best within the shortest amount of time possible. Another reason is that they have friends or family coming around to the house for a party or simply visiting and the want the roof to look the best it can.
  • New home owners are also one of our main customers when it comes to roof cleaning Liverpool. This is due to the fact that the new home owners has spent a lot of money on their new house and want it looking the best it can for the foreseeable future.
  • Finally, the home owner is having building work carried out and they have had part of the roof replaced with new tiles. When side by side the the worn tiles the home owner can see the difference from the old tired looking tile compared to the brand new one.


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Roof Cleaning Reviews


Amazing results, friendly and professional. We used Kleenaway Cleaning, when our roof was full of moss and our gutters became blocked. We have highly recommended this company to many, and will definitely be using them again in future.

Ryan Hughes

Fantastic service from Danny at Kleenaway. He came and gave me a quote to clean the roof on my house and managed to come to carry out the work the next weekend. I was very impressed with the work done and it was all done at a very reasonable price. Would definitely use them again and would recommend them.