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Canopy Cleaning

Canopy Cleaning

Petrol stations, car sales forecourts and a wide range of other business properties feature decorative and practical canopies and at some point will need canopy cleaning. These provide a shelter from the elements for vehicles and a prime opportunity for advertising and additional business branding. However, with a lack of maintenance, these canopies can become dirty, stained and discoloured due to their exposure to the weather, general environmental damage and accumulating dirt.

A stained, discoloured or dirty canopy will have a negative effect on the overall appearance and reputation of the business, property and branding. Kleenaway are proud to offer a customer-focused approach to canopy cleaning for all types of properties across Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire.

We offer an intensive, deep cleaning service for canopies which have been neglected or subject to unusual amounts of dirt in a short space of time, which aims to restore the original colours, branding and spotlessness of the canopy. This should be followed up with our regular maintenance canopy cleaning service, which works to keep the canopy clean, presentable and on-brand through monthly cleaning appointments.

By maintaining a clean and presentable canopy on your property, you are likely to see an increase in interested customers, loyalty amongst your client base and, eventually, an increase in profits as a result of your properties improved appearance.


Why Choose Kleenaway for Canopy cleaning?

At Kleenaway, we carry the same principles throughout all our business activities and external cleaning services, these include;

  • A punctual service, whereby our team factor in any potential issues to arrive on time or early for cleaning appointments.
  • A reliable service, involving accurate estimates regarding both pricing and timeframes, so that you know exactly when we will be arriving and leaving your property.
  • Presentable staff, wearing spotless company uniforms and arriving in clean vehicles, carrying professional equipment, to represent our internal professionalism in an external way.
  • A variety of out-of-business-hours appointments, for businesses who cannot risk having contractors onsite during opening hours.
  • Company identification and DBS certified staff members to provide comfort and security to all individuals on-site.
  • Attention to detail for those often-overlooked spots, or areas which have not been cleaned for some time and may need a little extra love to bring them up to standard.
  • A wealth of products which are both environment and wildlife-friendly.
  • A welcoming service to answer and worries about product ingredients and allergens.
  • A range of payment methods to suit all lifestyles and backgrounds. These include, cash, cheque, PayPal, bank transfer, standing order and card payments.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, which allows dissatisfied customers to request a re-cleaning visit. Whilst our services are carried out to the highest standards, we recognise that our customers need to know what is available in the event that they are not satisfied. If the re-cleaning results still have not met the expectations of our customer, we issue a full refund with no arguments, so there is nothing to lose by choosing to work with Kleenaway for your canopy cleaning needs.



Free Canopy Cleaning Quotes and Estimates

Contact us, we offer free no-obligation quotes for our canopy cleaning services across Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester, we may have to provide an on-site consultation at no additional cost, to gauge the size, cost and intensity of cleaning required to leave you with a perfectly spotless business canopy.