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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning St Helen's, Liverpool.

Gutter Cleaning

Need gutter cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool?

Gutter cleaning is an essential component to ensure the long-term survival of buildings. In conjunction with a watertight roof, the gutters ensure that rainwater is channeled away from the building safely. Water is one of the greatest causes of damage to buildings both externally and internally; it is vital that gutter cleaning is carried out as regular maintenance to any and every building. We can clear out hard to reach gutters by gutter vacuuming any gutters blocked with moss.

Effects of leaving overflowing, blocked gutters.

Blocked, damaged gutters and down spouts will overflow, leaking onto wall surfaces causing damage to coatings and masonry. Less obvious leaking will be seeping into the building interior, causing structural damage that rarely reveals itself until an advanced stage is reached. Water ingress at best leads to decorative damage, at worst fungal growth, insect infestation and dry rot.

Water run-off that is not properly channeled away will saturate the ground below, this may undermine walls and promote rising damp. These are just a few reasons why gutter cleaning should be a vital part of any property maintenance program


What we like to do here at kleenaway cleaning is take before and after pictures for our customers. This shows the customer a view of any blocked gutters, and shows that they have been completely cleared.

In summary

  • Gutters capture rainwater from the roof surfaces guiding it away safely to drainage
  • They prevent damage to the external and the internal structures of the house with gutter cleaning
  • They prevent flooding around the immediate perimeter of the house
  • They keep the external surfaces of the house clean (otherwise they would be continually dirty from debris washed from the roof)
  • They avoid you getting soaked when using entrances to the property
  • Gutters, whether domestic or commercial are the first line of defence to prevent erosion around foundations

Most modern guttering systems are made from plastics, making them cheap very easy to maintain and providing a long service life. But they do have one disadvantage, compared with cast and other formed metallic systems – they are flexible and, if blocked, will distort under load. This means that overflow from a debris blocked plastic gutter will be accentuated.

Need gutter cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool?

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Gutter cleaning reviews

Aaron Burgoyne

I had a few gutter problems in one of my houses and the problem had been going on for some time. I needed the issue sorting and the overall exterior including the drive way cleaning. The surface of the house and the drive way had been been serverely weathered. I looked into what I could do and a friend recommended Kleenaway Cleaning to me. I contacted them and spoke with a guy called Daniel there who was helpful and explained the options that I had available and quoted me happy. Daniel carried out the work quicker than expected and I have already got Kleenaway booked in to look at another house for next month. I would definiately recommend them. A**

Callum Brooks

Me and my fiancée recently used Kleenaway as our gutters were blocked and needed clearing ASAP.
Daniel gave me a very competitive quote in comparison to three other companies that I had enquired with, and managed to come and complete the work very quickly.
At the same time, he also cleared our whole roof of moss etc that had built up over the winter.
Great overall service.