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Abseil Window Cleaning

Working with You

We know that large abseil window cleaning projects can interfere with the day to day running of businesses, as well as interfering with the daily activities of people who work and live in large buildings. For this reason, we offer appointments outside of working hours and have flexible arrangements to suit the needs of businesses and residents for each building. We aim to complete the whole building, including all windows and glass doors, in one visit. However, we are willing to work with you and make additional visits, or spread the abseil window cleaning over a few days, should it be necessary to work around your business or resident’s needs.


Products and Methods

As responsible, local suppliers of abseil window cleaning, we aim to use products which are not harmful to residents and visitors to our client’s properties, as well as sourcing cleaning products which are environmentally and wildlife-friendly. Full details of cleaning products used in abseil window cleaning processes are available. Just contact us for a full list of our available products, or to request the use of different items.

Our Promises

At Kleenaway cleaning, we have a set of promises, which our team members work and live by when carrying out abseil window cleaning, including;

  • Great timekeeping – You can set your watch by our reliable, punctual team members. We arrive on time, get to work and provide great results without taking up your entire day.


  • Presentation – We know that our business’ image can affect your business’ presentation, so our team members arrive in company-issued uniform and carry identification to ensure the security of all our clients. We aim to keep our equipment and vehicles clean and promise that our presence will not detract from your business’ image.


  • Flexible payment methods – Our client base includes individuals and businesses from all backgrounds and lifestyles, therefore, we aim to ensure that every client feels comfortable paying for their window cleaning services using a method they are familiar with. For this reason, we offer a wide range of payment options, including cheque, cash, PayPal, bank transfer and standing order – just ask if your preferred method is not listed, as we aim to improve our options constantly.


  • Detail–oriented – Our team members are known for their attention to detail and aim to leave every window looking as great, shiny and clean as when it was first installed. Our team are only satisfied once a property has been restored to its former glory and will pay extra attention to the areas in need of additional TLC.


  • Satisfaction guarantee – We take great pride in our work and we want all our clients to feel as satisfied with the end result as we do. However, should there be any reason for dissatisfaction, we offer a free re-cleaning appointment. If you are still unhappy with the results of the window cleaning service, the whole service is refunded.


Free Abseil Window Cleaning Quotes and Consultations

Our free quotes may include an on-site consultation to gauge the size of your property and provide an accurate estimate as to the length of time needed for your appointment, the type of products needed and pricing.

Our quotes provide thorough breakdowns of the cost to you and your business in order to dispel any doubts you may have, whilst an on-site visit provides our team with additional information and allows them, to be better prepared for your abseil window cleaning appointment – which means that you receive a better service overall.

Contact us today to book your free cleaning quotation and consultation to improve the cleanliness and appearance of your business, private or residential property.