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Roof cleaning Liverpool

Roof cleaning in Liverpool.

Roof cleaning carried out in Liverpool

Roof cleaning in Liverpool.

Roof cleaning carried out in Liverpool

We are one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Liverpool and the North West, if you need roof cleaning Liverpool we are the company for you. Whether it be a large commercial/ industrial roof or a small domestic roof then we will have the solution that meets your needs.

Why roof cleaning is needed?

Having a roof that is full of moss can potentially be unsightly, damaging in some cases dangerous. Moss can grow on roofs for a wide variety of reasons, if you have a concrete tile as apposed to a slate tile then it is more likely that roof cleaning will be needed sometime throughout its life. This is due to the fact that slate is a very flat, smooth and dense material and concrete tiles are largely rough and pitted, this give the moss more of a chance to grip onto the surface.

Moss growth is also largely down to the environment around your roof. If you live in a shaded area, possibly around trees then this could be a factor. Another could be that the roof is north facing and so it only receives a limited amount of sunlight. This can also cause moss to grow.

If large amounts of moss are allowed to grow on your roof, this could potentially cause damage. The reason being that a roof is only designed to carry a certain amount of weight, if it rains and the moss takes a lot of water, this can put the whole structure under unnecessary strain.

Moss from roof in gutters

Are you gutters filling up with moss year after year, you may need your roof cleaning. This could solve your gutter cleaning problems and would also improve the look of your property overall.

Need roof cleaning Liverpool?

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