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School Pressure Washing

School pressure washing

Playgrounds, sports areas and walkways in school grounds are subject to a lot of abuse – chewing gum, food and general dirt build up over time and affect the overall appearance of the grounds and buildings. With school pressure washing, we aim to remove the dirt and gradual build-up to maintain the cleanliness of school grounds, walkways and play areas.

We know that security is at the forefront of any school’s priorities and we issue all of our team members with uniforms and identification to ensure that they are able to be distinguished easily and admitted to the site. We also ensure that our team hold current DBS certificates.

In addition to these security measure, we also offer appointments outside of normal school and business hours, including evenings and weekends – to keep the site clean without interfering with lessons, distracting pupils and maintaining the day-to-day running of the school environment.


Benefits of Pressure washing

School pressure washing is carried out using highly pressured water pumps, which can remove the majority of built-up dirt, including chewing gum, mud and hardened paper – all of which are prevalent on school grounds. The pressure washer restores concrete, cobbles and hard surfaces to their original state – removing layers of dirt which is not usually noticed as the colour changes gradually over time.

Clean school grounds create a better working environment for both staff and pupils and increase the pride individuals feel toward the establishment. Clean and presentable school grounds and buildings are also likely to affect the surrounding area, including property prices, general reputation and parent’s choice of school.


Why Choose Kleenaway?

                We use environment, wildlife and human-friendly cleaning products to keep your staff, pupils, visitors and local area safe, as well as stunningly clean.

Kleenaway team members live and work by the following code;

  • Punctuality – Our team turns up on time, works hard to make your buildings, walkways and open areas clean and free from debris and build-up and leave the school looking fresh, clean and ready for students, staff and visitors.
  • Flexible options – We like to make sure that every business and client feels looked-after and comfortable with the services provided. For this reason, we offer flexible appointments, are available outside of normal business hours and day, as well as accepting a range of payment options to ensure that everybody has access to an option to suit them.
  • Presentation – We know that our appearance can affect the reputation and appearance of your school property, therefore, our team always wear fresh, clean uniforms and arrive with clean and professional equipment, materials and vehicles.
  • Great results – Our team members will not leave a job half-done, we pride ourselves on restoring properties to their former glory by removing dirt and built-up areas to refresh the overall appearance of the school property. We pay extra attention to any problem areas or frequently-used areas which may need a bit more TLC to bring up to standard.
  • Guarantee – We guarantee great results and a stunning property and grounds when we leave. But, if you are unhappy with any aspect of the service performed, we offer a re-clean at no additional cost. Following this, if you are still not satisfied, the service fee will be refunded with no arguments.



School Pressure Washing Quotations and Consultations

Contact us today for a free quotation on all school pressure washing services. We may need to visit the site to provide an accurate quote for the size of the property, length of contract and number of people needed. This allows us to provide an accurate and detailed quotation, which significantly improves the service you receive from Kleenaway.

If you are looking for school pressure washing services in Liverpool, Manchester or Cheshire, call or e-mail us today.