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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning

Pattern imprinted concrete cleaning and resealing, Wigan.

Pattern imprinted concrete after cleaning and resealing, Wigan.

Pattern imprinted concrete cleaning and resealing, Wigan.

Pattern imprinted concrete before cleaning and resealing, Wigan.

Pattern imprinted concrete cleaning.

Pattern imprinted concrete has gained popularity over recent years, many people are wrong in thinking this is a modern way to resurface an area but the truth is it has been on the market for around 20 years. Over recent years pattern imprinted concrete (or PIC as its known in the trade) has become a more common sight throughout the UK. This is due to the improvement in concrete, sealant and methods of laying this surface. Even though the surface is relatively low maintenance and is not affected with common problems like weeds, you still need pattern imprinted concrete cleaning and resealing to maintain the surface.

Why pattern imprinted concrete cleaning is needed

Maintenance of this surface is not always fully explained to the customer by the contractor when laying the surface. A lot of the time the customer believes that they are receiving a maintenance free surface, this is not true. Pattern imprinted concrete is little more than a large slab of concrete that has a colour and pattern “imprinted” into the surface, after this a waterproof sealant is applied to seal the area to stop water and chemicals entering in to the concrete which could cause damage.

Damage is caused when the sealant is allowed to deteriorate or wear away and the concrete underneath be exposed to the outside elements. To stop this we recommend that the surface be cleaned every other year, this includes pressure washing, fixing any repairs or chips be carried out and then resealed with an acrylic based solvent sealer. Fixing damage caused to the actual concrete and colour is very hard to match up to the existing surface due to potential UV light fading.

We can guarantee that any pattern imprinted concrete cleaning or sealing will be carried out to the highest standard. We can turn a tired looking yard, into a well presented fresh area just by removing the grime from an already high quality floor.

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