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Mobile Fleet Washing

Mobile fleet washing

Any business with a large fleet of vans, lorries and cars will know just how inconvenient the maintenance and cleaning of the fleet can be – it is time consuming and steals valuable working time away from other activities, such as business administration and closing sales. Kleenaway offer a mobile fleet washing service to cover all sizes of van, car or lorry fleets.

We carry out our services on-site, which means that, once your drivers have parked up and gone home for the day, we can get to work to make sure that they arrive to find shiny, presentable vehicles ready for the following week’s work. We can also carry out work over the weekends and at night to suit your needs.


Kleenaway – A Responsible Local Cleaning Company

By using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment, we aim to be a responsible, reliable, local cleaning service provider to all areas of Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester. We know that customers may have concerns about the chemicals used during our mobile fleet cleaning service, whether they be related to allergies or out of a general concern for the environment and surrounding wildlife. We welcome all queries relating to this and strive to offer suitable alternatives to problematic cleaning supplies, where possible.

To minimise the amount of chemicals we use, we have on board boilers which can heat the water to over 150 degrees if we wish but for washing vehicles then we will heat the water to around 70 degrees. When steam cleaning at that temperature we can melt away and grease and grime, with minimal amounts of chemicals.


As a local and customer-focused business, our team know exactly what customers want and expect from their mobile fleet washing services and aim to provide them by following these five principles;


Reliability – We arrive on time, taking into account any issues which may affect our punctuality or ability to arrive on time. We also offer accurate estimates for the duration of our visit, so you can be certain that we will be out of your way before your next appointment
Security – Our team carry company identification so that your staff members know exactly who is on site and their purpose for being there. This also means that any problems can be traced directly to the individual involved and can be investigated thoroughly, if necessary.


Presentation –  Our staff arrive in a clean company-issued uniform, with spotless vehicles and equipment – we don’t expect any business owner to trust the cleanliness of their fleet to a team who show up looking dirty and unkempt, we put the same effort into our appearance as we put into yours.


Flexibility – We offer a range of appointments and payment options – including visits outside of business hours, during the evening or the weekend – whenever you fleet is not needed on the road. Our payment options including cheque, cash, debit card, PayPal and bank transfer, but we are happy to attempt to implement any payment options we do not already have in place, as we know that more options is better for our customer base.


Customer Guarantee –  Should anything be wrong with the end results of our mobile fleet cleaning service, we will happily revisit and clean the vehicles again for free. If the re-clean still leaves you feeling unsatisfied, the whole service is free and we will endeavour to improve our services in the future.


Book a Free Mobile Fleet Washing Quote Now

With the benefits of a spotless fleet of vehicles on the line, why not contact us for a free quotation on all sizes of fleets and any type of vehicle? We aim to provide quotations which are as accurate as possible, in order to provide a great mobile fleet cleaning service.

With our customer guarantee, it is clear that choosing Kleenaway for your mobile fleet washing needs is harmless – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by having well-maintained, spotless vans, lorries and cars to represent your company.