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Jet Washing

Jet washing

Jet washing has a lot of great uses. Our most common requests are patio, decking and stone cleaning, as these materials, especially in gardens, can become discoloured, stained and dirty over time.

Nothing brightens up a neglected garden like the restoration of the paving, stonework or wooden deck. For more neglected properties, we offer an intensive jet washing service, which gets into the areas which need a little bit of TLC to get them back to their original beauty. This should be followed by regular maintenance cleans to keep the fresh colour and cleanliness throughout the year.


Jet Washing in Liverpool

At Kleenaway, we offer a jet washing service for all kinds of materials, reasons and types of dirt or discolouring. Jet washing is carried out using a pressure washer and the correct cleaning products for the material being cleaned. In order to be responsible local outdoor cleaning suppliers, we try to use cleaning products which are friendly to the environment and which do not cause harm to the health of wildlife, pets or people in and around the property. We know that some of our customers may have concerns about the ingredients in the cleaning solutions we use and welcome all questions and strive to offer alternative products where available.


Jet Washing Services at Kleenaway

We pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach to jet washing services. In order to maintain our high standards of customer service, we follow a set of principles;
Our team is motivated and reliable, they arrive on time, factoring in any potential issues with the journey in advance, stick to the schedule and leave after the allocated time – this keeps your day on track and means that both business and residential activities can be arranged so that there is no conflict on-site.

Our staff always look their best when arriving at properties, this includes wearing a smart, clean company-issued uniform, driving clean vehicles and using spotless, up-to-date equipment. Our priority is improving and updating the appearance of your property, so we won’t detract from that with an unkempt appearance whilst we are working.

We pay special attention to the more neglected areas of the building and grounds, whilst carrying out a more intensive jet washing on properties which may need a little extra care to bring them back to their former glory. We take pride in our work and make sure that there are no areas which can let down the overall result of our jet washing service.

As a company, we offer our customers plenty of flexibility, for jet washing services around the Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire area, we offer a variety of appointments, including evening and weekends, to allow for businesses to be more accessible, residents to feel able to plan their day and visitors to be less inconvenienced by work being carried out.

We also offer flexible payment options, including bank transfers, cheques, cash, PayPal payments, debit and credit cards and standing orders for regular visits. This is to ensure that every client can pay for their jet washing services in a way which they are comfortable using and we welcome any feedback relating to methods of payment which we may not yet have in place – as your request will likely help future customers, too.

Our satisfaction guarantee means that property owners who are dissatisfied with the results of our work are legible for a free return visit and re-cleaning to fix any mistakes or any spots we have overlooked. If the re-cleaning service still isn’t up to scratch, we apologise and reinstate the cost of the service – so, if you’re not happy, it’s free – a win-win situation for Kleenaway customers!


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Quotations for our jet washing and pressure washing services are free, however, we may have to schedule and on-site consultation to gauge the size of the area to be cleaned, the types of products needed and the time needed on-site to complete the cleaning service.

Contact us now to get your decking, patios and stonework back to their original beauty.