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uPVC Cleaning Services

UPVC during the cleaning process

uPVC cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool.

uPVC cleaning is a tedious task that is overlooked by a lot of kleenaway cleanings customers throughout the UK, in both the domestic and commercial sectors. uPVC windows and doors bring huge benefits in the quality of living in and around the home. From maintenance being virtually non existent to the warmer rooms and reduction in noise.

They come in a huge range of colours already and choosing one that suites your property best will give you the look your home deserves. Double glazed uPVC windows and doors can’t be painted or coated once fitted as they usually come in either white uPVC which is most popular, or in a foiled finish on the exterior.

Although uPVC cleaning is a very tedious task, the results are instant and usually brilliant. Over time uPVC can become dull, stained and ingrained with dirt which can be very hard to remove without the right equipment and know how. Most of the time we carry out gutter cleaning, then using uPVC cleaning products we can remove almost all stains with different cream cleaners, solvent cleaners and soap based products.

A normal uPVC cleaning / restoration job would be a few simple steps;

  • An appointment time and date is confirmed with the customer for a site visit to best suit their needs
  • A visit to the site to establish exactly what the customer needs and is hoping to achieve.
  • An inspection of the access to area that need cleaning with a full health and safety inspection, followed by assessing the state of the uPVC
  • A time, date and price is then give to the customer in writing outlining exactly what is work is to be carried out
  • On the day of the clean, all work will be carried out with the windows being cleaned after all uPVC has been cleaned
  • Once the work has finished a written bill and a satisfaction sheet will be given to the customer to fill out
  • Once the customer is fully satisfied then the cleaning team will leave


A window frame that has had the UPVC restored by cleaning with chemicals

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