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Paint stripping / Paint removal

Paint stripping in Liverpool.

We offer a wide range of paint stripping methods throughout Liverpool, Warrington and Widnes to suit each individual situation, while listening and working closely to help the client with their needs. Here at kleenaway cleaning we have low pressure, low volume steam cleaners. These are not run of the mill machines, they can heat the water to over 150 degrees and can literally melt over 60 layers of paint in one go. These machines have been specially designed for paint stripping.

Sometimes if we deem it necessary then we can chemically strip most surfaces, our paint strippers are environmentally friendly. These have a very low toxicity which means that we can easily dispose of all contaminants and work quickly with the correct PPE. Some surfaces may need chemically cleaning and pressure washing.

If both of these paint stripping methods fail to achieve a result that we and/or the client/ architect/ conservation officer deem good enough then we can (in layman’s terms) sandblast the surface. These machines also are specially designed to clean surfaces and paint stripping without damaging the substrate. The machine uses compressed air to fire media and can be as soft as talcum powder, this can literally take the ink off a cigarette packet without damaging the packet.

Masonry paint removal.

Masonry paint removal is one of the most common services need by our customers. This is due to the fact that for many years, home owners believed that painting brickwork would waterproof and maintain the surface for the future, this is in fact the opposite. Painting of brickwork stops the brickwork being able to breathe, water gets trapped inside the brickwork, when this water freezes it expands. This causes the brick face to blow off, commonly at this point the homeowner paints the bricks again to hide this and so the cycle begins again.

Need paint stripping or paint removal?

If you need paint stripping or paint removal anywhere throughout the northwest or the rest of the UK then please contact us for a free no obligation quote.