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Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Keeping the uPVC details, including fascia and soffit cleaning is an afterthought for many Liverpool residents. But the reality is, that no matter how small of a detail it may seem, fascia and soffits can gather algae and will begin to turn green if not cleaned regularly. This can affect the overall appearance of your home and may even affect the value of your property. For house-proud individuals and families, fascia and soffit maintenance can often be the one detail which lets down an otherwise well-maintained property.

Fascia and soffits which are not maintained and cleaned properly will quickly gain layers of dirt and algae, which, if left untreated, can lead to permanent staining of the uPVC which requires a more intense and expensive uPVC cleaning procedure – or complete replacement if the build-up has caused irreparable damage to the uPVC. For this reason, we recommend regular cleaning of the fascia and soffits on your property, to keep the overall appearance of your home or business in top condition.

Our Products

At Kleenaway, we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and expertise in exterior cleaning processes and products, guaranteeing the perfect solution for your fascia and soffit cleaning requirements. We use products which are suited to the uPVC material and are as friendly to the environment and wildlife as possible. We know that our customers look for the highest quality, environmentally responsible services and we work hard to make sure that we only use products which have been approved, but which also provide superior cleaning and protection for the soffits and fascia being cleaned.

Our Services

For fascia and soffit cleaning services in St. Helens, Kleenaway offer reliability, affordability and quality. Our processes cover all levels of cleaning – from regular, light cleaning, where fascia and soffits are not damaged or stained by the dirt – to intense pressure washing for those situations where the fascia and soffits need some extra TLC to get them back to their original glory.

The level and type of cleaning needed for your fascia and soffits will depend on several factors which may need to be evaluated on-site. Kleenaway only hire the most reliable, qualified and helpful team members, so you can rest assured that all advice, consultations and assessments are carried out on a fair basis and our staff will never offer unnecessary services or add additional fees without reason.

Why Choose Kleenaway?

We are reliable – Kleenaway staff are reliable and flexible; with appointments arranged to suit your schedule and on-the-dot time-keeping. Our staff pride themselves on their fast and efficient services, maintaining attention to detail whilst working around any appointments you may have and going the extra mile to avoid interrupting your usual day-to-day activities.

We care about your safety – Our staff are presentable, with company-issued uniforms as standard and all our team members carry identification to protect your property and to ensure that you and your family feel safe at all times. We are also fully insured against all accidents and covered for all services offered.

We have high standards – Our services are carried out to the highest standards, with extra attention to detail to ensure that when we leave your property, we leave it looking as shiny and well-maintained as the day it was installed.

We’re flexible – We accept a wide range of payment options, including cheques, cash, PayPal, bank transfers and standing orders. By ensuring that we have convenient options available for all our customers we aim to make every customer feel comfortable, without being forced into a payment option which may be difficult or inaccessible.

We guarantee your happiness –  If you feel that you have been let down by our fascia and soffit cleaning services, we will come back and re-clean them for free. Following the re-clean, if you are still not completely satisfied with our services, the entire service will be refunded.


No-Obligation Quotes for Fascia and Soffit Cleaning in St. Helens, Liverpool

We offer free, no obligation quotations for all our services, including our fascia and soffit cleaning service. This includes an assessment of your property, advice on the level and type of cleaning necessary to get your fascia and soffits back to their original glory and a quotation on the pricing of these services.


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