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Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting blocked drains

Drain jetting is an essential service that most people will need at one time or another, that is why we offer a 24/7, 365 days a year service. If you have blocked drains and need drain jetting we will do our best at kleenaway to get with you within the hour. We have a range of techniques and equipment to suit every job. We also have a contract with a local gully cleaning company so that if your drains are over flowing due to rain water or leaks then we can call on these at any time of the day to rid you of any sewerage and dispose of it it the correct way.

Why drains get blocked

There are many reasons for having blocked drains, some of the more common ones are:

  • Face wipes
  • Leaves
  • Cooking fats and oils
  • Hair
  • Foreign objects
  • Badly laid drains
  • Broken pipes


Each problem is different

Sadly there is not fixed cost for all of the jobs listed as each one requires a separate form of cleaning and treatment to stop it re occurring. The customer will be advised on the reason for the blockage and be given advise on how to maintain the drains so to keep the drain from blocking up again. Blocked drains can lead to bigger problems and it is advisable to make sure drains are in good condition, for more information read, Dangers of Clogged Drains by PR Log.

Drain jetting equipment!

We have a wide range of drain jetting equipment ranging from the simple drain rods with different cleaning heads.

Mechanical forms of cleaning, this is for the situation where there is hard access and we deem that using high pressured water to jet out the blockage could possibly make the problem worse or cause further damage.

High pressured water jetting, the most common way of cleaning blocked drain. This involves firing high pressured water at a blockage to cut though it to get the drain running again. We have a range of jetting heads which have the ability to cut through tree roots and other heads that can completely descale a drain of oils and fats.

Need your drain unblocked?

Then please get in contact with us, we are open 24/7. We offer a free, no obligation quote!

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