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Conservatory Roof Cleaning

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Conservatory roof cleaning in St Helens, Liverpool.

Conservatory roof cleaning is one of our most popular services due to the number of conservatory’s there are in the UK. Over time the roofs can become covered in green algae which will affect the amount of light let in and if left,over time can stain the plastic roofs and uPVC roof supports. A conservatory is a expensive and valuable investment that can be a asset to any home.  Conservatory roof cleaning is a normal part of the maintenance of your conservatory and they should be cleaned on average every 18-24 months depending on the surroundings.

Conservatory roof cleaning Wigan

Conservatory before being cleaned, Wigan.

Conservatory roof cleaning Wigan (3)

Conservatory roof after being cleaned, Wigan.

Conservatory roof cleaning and what we do?

We have a range of chemicals and methods to clean your conservatory roof depending on what level finish is required and the amount of soiling on the roof.

Our basic clean starts off with pre soaking the roof with distilled water, which is left to soak into the soiling and then brushed away with and extendible water fed pole brush and rinsed for a clean, streak free finish. We carry out window cleaning with any conservatory clean.

If the soiling is more extensive and the roof has soiling such as tree sap and bird muck, then a chemical is used. The roof is pre soaked again but then a chemical is then sprayed on, agitated into the surface and then left to dwell, then brush and rinsed away.

Our most extensive clean is for when the conservatory roof and uPVC has faded and stained to a level that the first two methods will not suffice. With this level we use things like solvent cleaners, cream cleaners and non scratch scouring pads to carry out the upvc cleaning. This can be a very time consuming but is extremely satisfying and can result in a finish close to brand new.

We also offer internal conservatory roof cleaning which can be carried out at the same time as the outside if needed.

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