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Communal Area Cleaning

Communal area cleaning

In shared occupancy buildings – both residential and commercial, the communal areas are often the most contested when it comes to professional cleaning. Tenants believe that landlords oversee the maintenance of the communal areas and businesses simply do not have the time or budget to have communal area cleaning carried out at their own expense.


Communal Area Cleaning Service

Kleenaway offer a complete communal area cleaning service for both indoor and outdoor areas, including pressure washing for tough-to-remove dirt, such as chewing gum or substances which leave stains on the ground or walls.

For outdoor communal areas, issues such as chewing gum, smoking residue and litter can cause the discolouration of both floors and walls, which can be removed using a high-pressure jet washing process, in conjunction with stain removal products.

For indoor communal areas, such as hallways and atriums, a smaller pressure washer is used, alongside less harsh chemicals, which do not pose a risk to the health or safety of staff, residents and visitors.


What to Expect from Kleenaway

We appreciate that our customers have concerns about the local environment, surrounding wildlife and the health of the people who use the buildings being cleaned. So, if you do have any questions or queries about the products we use and the ingredients they contain, we are happy to give detailed information and use alternative solutions where possible.

Our appointments are flexible and we offer both evening and weekend times, so that our service fits around the needs of your business or residents. Our team are stringent about timekeeping and always factor in traffic. Rush hour or roadworks which may affect their punctuality, to ensure that you get the service you expect at the time you request. We aim to offer accurate quotations and estimates when it comes to the amount of time our team will need to spend during each visit, so that you can be assured that we will be out of the way by a certain time, if necessary.

Our communal area cleaning service is carried out by a presentable team, using clean equipment and wearing company-issued uniforms. We know that both business and residential properties can be affected by the presentation of external contractors, so we aim to maintain a professional appearance at all times.

Our team carry company identification, so that everyone on-site knows who they are and which company they represent. Our team are also DBS certified and able to carry out communal area cleaning services in environments where children or vulnerable adults may reside or visit.

Kleenaway offer a variety of communal area cleaning services, including an initial, intensive cleaning for buildings and property which may have been unloved for some time – we pay special attention to particularly neglected areas, so that the whole area is spotless and given a new lease of live when we leave. We also offer regular ‘top-up’ cleaning for communal areas, so that the building is maintained and residents, businesses and visitors are given a better environment overall.

At Kleenaway, we want every customer to feel comfortable with the way business is carried out. In our attempt to continuously increase our accessibility and customer focus, we offer a wide range of payment options; cash, cheque, PayPal, bank transfer, debit card and standing order included. If you have a different preferred payment method, please let us know as we are always looking for new ways to make sure our customers’ needs are met through every step of the cleaning process.


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