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Cladding Cleaning

Cladding cleaning in Liverpool.

Cladding is a common site on buildings throughout the UK on both commercial and domestic properties. This is why cladding cleaning is now part of a common building maintenance program that kleenaway cleaning can offer you. Over time this can become discoloured, faded and stained which can have a negative impression on both your home and/or your business. We have the experience, chemicals and machines to improve the look of your cladding to the highest standards possible. Whether it be a small bungalow with a small amount of uPVC cladding at ground level, or a 500,00 sq ft warehouse that’s several stories high and needs a MEWP to gain access.

Pressure, pressure, pressure?

A lot of other companies that do not have the experience we have in cladding cleaning will just try to and “attack” cladding with high pressure machines, without fully understanding the problem. Different types of cladding need different approaches to get the best results possible. Sometimes, pressure washing can work but a lot of the time, things like heat and chemicals left on to “dwell” have the best results.

The three most common types of cladding are powder coated metal, plastic coated metal and uPVC. Through trial and error we have worked out out the best way to clean each of these quickest, most efficient way. With all of the above, this means that we can be very competitive when it comes down to pricing due to the fact that we fully versed in all of the cladding cleaning methods. We can do this quickly while getting the best results.

Free test patch for cladding cleaning.

On Large jobs we offer a free test patch of cleaning to show the customer exactly what is possible with our cleaning methods.

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