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High Level Cladding Cleaning Liverpool

High level cladding cleaning Liverpool.

Carrying out High level cladding cleaning in Liverpool.

This week we carried out two high level cladding cleaning jobs in the northwest, one being in Manchester and one being in Liverpool. Both of them were carried out on behalf of a large building contractor that we now carry out all exterior cleaning for. One of the jobs were carried out at a large international roofing company called ICOPAL (, the building that they needed us to clean had previously had other contractors trying to paint it but they hadn’t taken into account that the surface had become dirty and slimey which would affect the adhesion of the paint to the surface. This is when we were contacted, we had experts in to carry out an asbestos survey as we were unsure if the concrete had asbestos fibr

es inside. Once this was confirmed then we could advise the client on how we could and timescales for carrying out the cleaning.

How we carried out the high level cladding cleaning.

We advised the customer that due to the construction of the cladding that it was advisable that low pressure steam should be used to clean the surface so to not potentially break down the surface which could limit the life of the cladding. The cleaning was carried out from a cherry picker due to the height of the building and the fact that there were building supplies stored around which was limiting access, so complete access could not be achieved without access equipment. We also to schedual work over the weekend to minimise disruption to the workers on site and to ensure that we could close off part of the access road for health and safety reasons. Work over the weekend had to stop for a short length of time due to wind speeds and bleak weather conditions.

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