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Driveway Cleaning Service in St Helens

Driveway cleaning carried out in St Helens.

Driveway cleaning carried out in St Helens.

Driveway cleaning carried out in St Helens.

Driveway cleaning carried out in St Helens.

Need Driveway Cleaning St Helens?

Kleenaway cleaning provides driveway cleaning St Helens and the surrounding areas. We provide a professional service to meet the individual customers needs. We clean a range of different types types of driveway surfaces, some of these include

  • Blockpaving
  • Concrete flags
  • Sandstone Flags
  • Tarmac
  • Resin bound gravel
  • Yorkstone
  • Black limestone

These are some of the most common for driveway cleaning in St Helens

(Here is a short video of us carrying out driveway cleaning St Helens)

Why use a professional driveway cleaning company?

Your driveway is one of the first things that is visible at your home, you use it every day and would have probably cost hundreds, if not thousands to have it laid. I makes sense to look after it and have it looking at its best, which will ensure the life of it.

Getting in a company that doesn’t fully understand the problems that can be caused by bad workmanship is a false economy. Before any work is carried out we carry out a site visit and give you a quote face to face and explain to you exactly what will happen.

On acceptance of the quote we apply commercial grade weed killer to any weeds and this is left for around 48/72 hours. We will arrive at a prearranged date and time and start the clean. We use high powered diesel machines to give you a brilliant finish, these powerful machines also allow us to work faster than most companies. This means that we can be more competitive with our pricing without cutting corners on workmanship. Is the surface needs resanding then we will arrange this with you at this point. Resanding is an essential part of the clean, this will lock block paving in place and will also slow down the growth of weeds.

How to get in touch with us for driveway cleaning St Helens

Please contact us for a free quote on 07896065583 or contact us through the website.