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Asbestos Cladding Cleaning Warrington

Asbestos cladding cleaning Warrington.

Carrying out asbestos cladding cleaning Warrington.

This week we carried out asbestos cladding cleaning Warrington. Asbestos cladding is a widely used material throughout the UK on a range of commercial and industrial buildings, with this is a need to have it cleaned in a careful, none destructive way which complies to heath and safety regulations. Asbestos cladding cleaning is a specialised form of cleaning that if carried out correctly is very simple but extremely effective. We offer a range of techniques to meet the demands of the customer but more importantly, the HSE. With asbestos related deaths set to peak between the years 2015/2020 with a death rate of around 2000 per year, we have yet to see the full  effects of this dangerous substance! Because of this, as a company we are future proofing our cleaning methods to guarantee we meet with predicted changes to the HSE regulations.

Our techniques and machines for asbestos cladding cleaning


We have a range of techniques to clean asbestos cladding but by far the most effective way, taking into account the cost and the results that can be achieved is with a steam cleaner. This is not a run of the mill pressure washer that gets the water hot, its a machine that can super heat the water to over 150c. The way this is delivered is at low flow and pressure, the reason for this is to not brake down or damage the surface and expose and asbestos fibers but at the same time the heat virtually melts the moss, lichen and algae. The reason we try to achieve a deep clean is that we recommend if possible that the surface is painted/sealed, this will seal up the porous nature of asbestos and will hinder any moss, algae and lichen gripping into the surface.


When the surface that needs cleaning has heavy moss deposits it is always advisable to scrape as much moss as possible as this will hinder the steam cleaner, cleaning deep into the surface. Before this is carried out it is always advisable to pre-wet the surface so to keep any loose asbestos fibers from being made airborn which are then much more dangerous and difficult to recover.

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